Unconvensional Promos

If your business deals with kids or even if they don’t deal with them directly think about banks how they always give kids a lollypop.  What about some higher end promotions specifically for kids such as Custom Temporary Tattoos.  Like candy kids love tattoos and it’s a much healthier option. While you probably don’t want to put your contact information on a kids arm you might post an image or logo that relates to your service or product line. These things are also a great way to stand out at events such as industry conventions. Think about a popular brand like Cracker Jack snakes.  They debuted over a century ago and they are known for the little prize in every box.  One of their most popular prizes have been temporary tattoos.

Business Cards

There is no promotional item more effective than business cards.  A great example is a local bank that built a kiosk in their lobby for local small businesses to post their business cards.  This kind of data also used as a directory on your website with testimonials can serve two purposed.  Having business cards with you at all times is a key marketing strategy.  Leaving cards at the point of sale for customers to take with them is also very effective. All marketing strategies start with the business card.  If you are developing a social media presence online be sure to include them on the card.  Places like TWITTER.


Email Promotions

Maintaining an email list of past customers is one of the most profitable financial marketing promotions.  Consumers who have purchased from you in the past are the most likely to buy from you again.  This is a list of pre-qualified customers.  Particularly consider the point that they are qualified for your business in particular.  They already have bought your service.  The first step is a follow up email to allow them to leave you feedback on their order.  Obtaining this feedback helps your business focus on what they are doing right and what needs improvement.  More importantly a follow up for satisfaction data keeps your business in the forefront of their memory.  You also create a pattern of them opening emails from you.  Follow up promotional discounts limited time specials have very high email opens.